Sales & Breeding

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2024 Breeding Schedule
We maintain a free "Interest List" and will notify those on this list when kids are born before listing elsewhere - email More information on sales policies is at the bottom of the page.



Due Date



BellaRose yearling FF, no fill
Rockville Ridge BellaRose 4*M (pend)
Better Wayz Vader *B

Due Jan 31, 2024

Kidded 1/31 Twins
2 bucks

Does: $600

Bucks:  $350 

Bucklings wethered 

Rockville Ridge SpiceZee 6*M (pend)
Better Wayz Vader *B

Due Feb 1, 2024

Kidded 2/1 Triplets
2 does, 1 buck

Does: $650

Bucks:  $350  or 
$125 with Doeling as wether

1 *B buckling available:
Almost entirely black (S3), photo here

SchotZee FF, not full
Rockville Ridge SchotZee 6*M (pend)
Better Wayz Vader *B

Due Feb 2, 2024

Kidded 2/1 Twins
1 doe, 1 buck

Does: $600

Bucks: $350 

Bred to Vader and Epic. Kids will be DNA’d. 

Doeling retained
Buckling sold

Bella 3F, milked out in 2023
Better Wayz Bella 3*M
Better Wayz Genesis *B

Due Feb 6, 2024

Kidded 2/4 Quads
3 does, 1 buck

Does: $650

Bucks: $400

1 Doe retained
1 Doe Available:
Gold doe (S8) picture here

Zee, 3F, milked out
Better Wayz Zee 5*M
Better Wayz Genesis *B

Due Feb 6, 2024

Kidded 2/10 Twins
1 doe, 1 buck


Does: $650

Bucks: $400

Bred to Genesis and Epic. Kids appear to be sired by Epic, but will be DNA’d. 
Doeling Retained, Buckling wethered

Queenie Yearling - not full
Rockville Ridge Coffee Queen 6*M (pend)
Epic at 4 mos old
Better Wayz Epic Wood

Due Feb 7, 2024

Kidded 2/8 Single 
1 buck

Does: $600

Bucks: to be wethered

Buckling sold as wether

Mocha as a 3 yr old, milked out 2023
Better Wayz Mocha Madness 5*M
Better Wayz Genesis *B

Due Feb 17, 2024

Lost pregnancy 1/6

Does: $650

Bucks: $350

None Available

Sales Policy

Reservations are available on specific breedings as listed or as a more general reservation (i.e. “1 doe” vs. specifically “a doe from Bella x Genesis”).  As the breeder, we have first right to retain any kids born at Rockville Ridge. We maintain a free “Interest List” and will notify those on this list when babies are born (Simply email us or send FB Message to get on the list). A $50 deposit per animal will hold a reservation and give you first choice on any births you hold a reservation for – this deposit will apply toward your final purchase.  If a reservation is unable to be fulfilled by Rockville Ridge for any reason, it will either be returned to the reservation holder or can be applied to another available kid.  Reasons for our inability to fill a reservation could be that only a single kid was born with 2+ reservations taken, or kids born of the wrong sex to satisfy the reservation, farm deciding to retain a kid, or illness of a reserved kid.  If the reservation is able to be filled by the farm, but the buyer pulls out, the deposit is not refundable and will serve toward caring for the kid(s) while we find another buyer. All kids are disbudded and sold in pairs on the bottle at 3 weeks old.  The only way we sell single bottle babies is if you have other bottle babies the same age.  If you would like your kids horned, full payment must be made prior to 5 days old.  Please consider the due date, and your schedule, when making reservations.  Wethers sold as a “buddy” to registered kids are selected by the breeder not the buyer; however we will try to honor your preference of buddy.  Pet wethers are $125 each or just $100 when sold as a buddy with a registered kid. We keep a totally closed herd and keep our kids separated from the adult pens and pastures to reduce exposure to parasites.  Kids will leave our farm in good health. A medical supply kit and bottles are included with every purchase to those new to goats.  Transitioning to a new location is always a stressful event for animals and the medical kit you receive will include probiotics, electrolytes, a medicine dropper, needles & syringes, a few medications, and instructions for caring for your goats.  We cannot guarantee the health of our animals after they leave our farm, but we will be available to support you in caring for them through the transition.  We want all our kids to have happy, healthy, and productive lives for their new owners. Buyers are responsible for any vet exams, Health Certificates, shipping cost and crates, etc required to transport their animals to their new homes. Contact us for more information or to be added to the Interest List! or by Facebook Messenger to RockvilleRidge on Facebook. Thank you for your interest in our herd!