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Rockville ridge

About Us

We are a small hobby farm located just west of Richmond, VA

We raise ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats with a focus on correct conformation and high dairy production. We participate in both Linear Appraisal and Milk Test programs, which provide independent evidence of a well built goat and verified milk production records.

While we are a new farm, we are simply thrilled with the genetics that we have started with!  Our goats are raised primarily in the woods, where the parasite load is low and all the stuff they love to eat is found!  And Nigerian Dwarf milk will knock your socks off!  It is sweet, creamy, and not “goaty” at all.  We hope to offer raw milk herd shares in the future. 

We also enjoy caring for fruit and vegetable gardens, a mixed flock of heritage breed chickens, and a mixed colony of meat rabbits, but the goats are our primary focus and love.  In fact, I would say the goats have changed our lives.  We hope they bring you the joy they bring us! 

Get to Know Us...

We sell baby goats on a bottle at 3 weeks old with a companion and will potentially have does available in milk after each kidding season.  We own our own bucks and maintain a closed herd (we do not bring other goats here for breeding) and we try to adhere to biosecurity best practices to both protect our herd and any animals you purchase.  Our breedings can be found here along with any  available goats. (Page coming soon)

Meet our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.  We are currently focused on growing, so we are retaining nearly all does born in 2022 so this page will be growing as we get pictures and names for the new additions.  Here are two pages to visit – Does and Bucks.

Despite what you might hear, goats do NOT eat just anything.  There are quite a few myths that persist about these amazing animals!  This page includes resources I have found helpful in my journey raising goats as well as articles about general homesteading.  (Page coming soon)