Our Bucks

Genesis got his name becuase he is “In the Beginning” just as the first words of the Bible.  He will be the foundation of our Rockville Ridge herd just as God is the foundation of our family and homestead.  His name is a nod to the Creator of life and the giver of all the good we have.  We are hopeful that Genesis will create a lot of good in our herd as well.  He certainly has the credentials in his pedigree as noted below. 



  • Dam: SG Better Wayz Pippi Pop 6*M VEVV86 (as FF)
      • Moonspotted & Polled
  • Dam’s Dam: SG Better Wayz Poppi Seed 5*M
  • Dam’s Sire: Kyeema Ridge Big Time +B
  • Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B
  • Sire’s Dam: SG NC Promisedland MG Diva 4*D 1*M VEEE91
  • Sire’s Sire: Old Mountain Farm Romeo ++B

Genesis’ Sire Elton Jay has his Superior Genetics Designation and has been the 99th pecentile Elite Buck for the breed.
2019, 2020 & 2021 ADGA Elite Buck!!
PTI21: 263 PTI21: 132 ETA21: 295 ETA12: 181

Elton Jay’s dam (Diva) holds the highest PTA (Predicted Transmitting Ability) and PTI (Produciton Type Index) for the entire breed. 
PTA Milk +349, PTI1: 581, PTI2: 357

Vader was named because I have 3 boys who like Star Wars and the name stuck.  He has the Sugar Moon side in his pedigree which I love for udders and milk production and his dam Izzy has definitely improved the conformation side coming from Zebulen.  I am very happy with the way he has filled out and plan to use him on daughters retained out of Genesis.  



  • Dam: Better Wayz Izzy
  • Dam’s Dam: SG Better Wayz Isabelle 3*M VEEE91
  • Dam’s Sire: Better Wayz Sirocco’s Legacy *B
  • Sire: Amethyst Acres G Zebulen *B
  • Sire’s Dam: Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up  5*M
  • Sire’s Sire: Amethyst Acres R Gianni *B

Vader’s Sire’s dam Sugar Moon Zip Me Up and holds the record highest total milk production for the breed!  The Amethyst Acres / Sugar Moon side of this pedigree puts milk in the pail and contributes beautiful udders. 

Reference Goats

All of our initial herd came from the same farm: A Better Way Farm.  Kathy is an amazing breeder and an inspiration.  If you look through the pedigrees of goats owned by Rockville Ridge you will see the names of other does and bucks listed in the parentage of our goats.  If you want to see what they look like and what accolades they had earned, which led to us starting with goats from Better Wayz, I have included images of many of them here.  Some are still owned by A Better Way, and others have been sold to other farms.  Reference goat images are the property of A Better Way, LLC.  https://www.abetterwayfarms.com/